My digital currency payment hasn’t gone through or is unconfirmed?

My digital currency payment hasn’t gone through or is unconfirmed?
January 30, 2020 admin

This usually means the transaction has timed out. This is typically due to not sending funds for the payment, not sending enough funds, or sending the funds after the timeout or without enough TX fee to confirm in time. If you wish to make a purchase, you will have to make the purchase again using our checkout page. Please make sure to read all email alerts from our system as they inform you every step of the transaction. Please review the following article and make sure to include a TX fee that is likely to be confirmed quickly:
How to Select a Bitcoin Transaction Fee

There are however a few exceptions:

  1. Double check your transaction numbers and payment addresses, a common error is creating two transactions then paying for one and not the other. Make sure to check the payment ID’s are to the payment addresses you sent to.
  2. If you are sending your coins from an exchange they may not have sent the funds yet. So please check with your exchange to see if it was processed; if it was, you can provide us with the blockchain txid and we can look for it, as long as it was sent to our wallets.
  3. If you are sending from a wallet that is not synced, you will have to wait for the client to catch up and then send the payment. If it does send, you can provide us with the txid and we can look into it, as long as it is sent to our wallets.

Unconfirmed Transactions
If you don’t know what a Bitcoin “Confirmation” is please see here:
If your coins have not yet confirmed (such as if you didn’t pay any/enough TX fee), you will need to wait for the transaction to confirm or be dropped from the network. This can take several weeks. There are ways to increase the transaction fee so miners accept it:
It is also possible to pay miners directly to accelerate confirmation:
When the transaction confirms you will receive an automatic email confirming we’ve received the funds. If you haven’t received an email 8 hours AFTER your coins confirm, please contact us.

Reclaiming Funds
Our system allows you to reclaim funds in the event that insufficient or excess funds are sent. However, we cannot process a refund until the transaction confirms.